The Dodecahedron Box
This is a puzzle box that operates entirely on rotational movement. Each side of the box spins. If you align every side just right so a pattern matches up around the whole dodecahedron, then the lid opens up on a hinge. All but two faces need to be rotated to unlock the inside. It is very easy to get lost trying to open the box. The inside is well worth seeing. The inside is 12 cm deep, leaving plenty of room.

To set the box at its most difficult setting, you must align all the pentagons so the six spaces along the edges are arranged symmetrically around the box.

The 1st puzzle to win the two top awards at the IPP design competition.
Awarded "Grand Prize" by a panel of judges, and also granted "Puzzler's Award” by the people attending the International Puzzle Party convention in Tokyo.

People told me they were fascinated by the piece. I was asked to perform a demonstration of opening the box after receiving the awards.

Click here to see photos at the IPP awards reception.




Pattern matched up

Lid opened



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